GC Universe

Concept art for Gravity City characters and environment include Johnny Rangers, Sinister Squid, Boltz-RG, Arachnobats, Bantam Corp (miniature-combat robots), Kal-Yappa (cavalry horse-like creature), Ojavan tribesman, Desert Shepherd (desert monitor androids), Soulless gang member, Wally Bright (XYZ-1 anchorman), and Eor (desert scavenger bird).

A trilogy of Gravity City novels written by Artie Cabrera and Christopher J. Valin will be released in 2021.

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Synopsis: “In the far reaches of space, the celestial body known as Nebuna is the home to a metropolis with a bad attitude and an expansive wasteland filled with legends and mystery. The tales you are about to read will give you an unflinching ride through the crime-infested gutters and corruption of GRAVITY CITY and the wondrous world that lies beyond city limits,” expounds Artie Cabrera, founder and publisher of the magazine and creator of the universe and website.

“Gravity City is filled with dark stories, Noir stories, science fiction stories, gumshoe stories, war stories, alien stories and smuggler stories. In this city, imagination is bursting at the seams, the sky’s the limit and the tales to tell here are numerous and filled with variety.” – an Amazon review.

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